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She's a Keeper Apairy

She's a Keeper 400g Raw Honey - Mixed Floral - Premium Glass Jar

She's a Keeper 400g Raw Honey - Mixed Floral - Premium Glass Jar

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Honey Consistency

There once was a honey so sweet, Made by bees with their tiny feet, A product of hard work, It's truly a perk, A treat that's really hard to beat!

This local honey is a true gem, Made with love and care, oh what a gem, It's golden and pure, A taste you can't ignore, And a sweetness that will leave you asking for them!

With bees that work tirelessly, Making nectar from flowers so vibrantly, This honey is top notch, And with its health benefits as a notch, It's a natural treat that's truly heavenly!

So if you're in need of a sweet treat, This local honey can't be beat, A product that's local, And the taste is so focal, A delectable treat that's hard to retreat!


Try some lovely honey from our sister business (yes, we are beekeepers too!) She's a Keeper Apairy

100% Raw Honey: It doesn’t get any more pure than this. Raw, filtered, unpasteurised honey keeps all of the beautiful floral notes and subtle flavours destroyed in pasteurisation. 

Taste: Delicate, sweet, creamy, smooth, floral honey. Taste and colour vary with each  harvest.

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