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The Vancouver Desk Stand

The Vancouver Desk Stand

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There once was a monitor stand so grand, Crafted from plywood with a steady hand, With its smooth and sleek design, It will make your workspace shine, A sturdy foundation you can truly stand!

This monitor stand is a real treat, A quality product that can't be beat, Made to hold your screen, So that your posture is keen, And your comfort level is hard to beat!

The plywood construction is the key, A material that's strong and sturdy, It will last for years, Through the sweat and the tears, A top-notch product that's built to be worthy!

So if you're in need of a monitor stand, That's both stylish and practical in demand, This plywood creation, Is the perfect foundation, A top-quality product that will always withstand!


Make your desk environment more functionally stunning with the Vancouver Desk Stand. Elegant, timeless and useful, use it to raise two monitors, one monitor and laptop, or any combination of accessories that need a little lift.

Made by hand, in Melbourne, of fine furniture grade Birch plywood and finished with a highly wear resistant, oil wax that is not only eco friendly but also child and pet safe.


  • Width 115cm

  • Depth 23cm

  • Height 11.5cm (table to top of stand)

Note, exact measurements will vary by a few millimetres as these are hand-made. Should you wish to find the exact measurements for a stand you wish to order, we can measure the exact one we would send to you.

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